Wednesday Prayers, 8 September 2021

God, You long for people to live together without fighting.Not for people to stop discussing or debating or disagreeing,but to develop awareness that their points-of-vieware not always as obviously correct as they imagine them to be.You long for us to listen, to consider evidence more than opinion,to learn from others who know what they’re talking … More Wednesday Prayers, 8 September 2021

Sunday Evening Thought

Originally posted on One Church for Leith:
Galschiøt, Jens, 1954- Homeless In the readings for today, there is a call to remember people who live in difficulty and trouble.  This artist creates sculptures to draw attention to injustice and puts his sculptures up in cities around the world, whether he has permission or not.   Psalm…

Wednesday Prayers, 18 August 2021

God – Father, Mother, Creator –You contain multitudes.In You, the entire universe can be framed,the hugeness of the universe can be containedand its microscopic fragments can be seen and understood.You reign from one corner to another. We pray for places under threat at this time,especially for the people of Afghanistan:the inevitability of it all, the … More Wednesday Prayers, 18 August 2021